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The Microanalysis Society Events Calendar

The Microanalysis Society annually hosts or sponsors a variety of technical meetings to further its mission, two or more council meetings for the society leadership to confer and make decisions for the benefit of the society, and an annual business meeting, as outlined in the Bylaws.


Our Annual Meeting is the major annual meeting of MAS, and provides the venue for gatherings of the membership for official and social interaction:

  • The Summer Council Meeting is traditionally held all day on the Sunday of the annual meeting, and provides an annual venue for the leadership to meet physically as a group, as indicated in Article IV of the Society Bylaws.
  • The Annual Business Meeting is traditionally held at 5:00 pm local time on the Wednesday of the annual meeting, and provides a venue for the leadership to report to the membership, and to transact official business of the society, as outlined in Article V of the Bylaws.
  • The MAS Social provides an occasion for the membership to meet socially, and traditionally follows the Annual Business Meeting on Wednesday evening at a nearby venue.

Since 1996, the Microanalysis Society has met with the Microscopy Society of America for a common annual meeting, Microscopy & Microanalysis.

Click here for a listing of forthcoming and recently past annual meetings.


Our Topical Conference program provides MAS members with technical programming that focuses on a particular topic in detail. Topical conferences typically run from one to three days and involve twenty to one hundred registrants, thus providing a more intimate gathering of the society membership, characteristic of MAS Annual Meetings in days past such as Breckenridge (1995) and Kona (1987). Our topical conferences are often generously sponsored by our Sustaining Members and other companies and agencies that share an interest in the topical area.

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Click here for a listing of forthcoming and past topical conferences.


MAS may also sponsor, participate in, or publicize technical meetings of other organizations that may be of interest to its members. Upcoming meetings may be found in the society Calendar, as listed below.

Event AMAS XV meeting (Brighton Savoy, Victoria, from Feb 13, 2019 12:00 AM to Feb 15, 2019 12:00 AM)
Australian Microbeam Analysis Society annual meeting
Event QMA-2019 Topical Conference (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, from Jun 24, 2019 08:00 AM to Jun 27, 2019 05:00 PM)
Quantitative Microanalysis 2019 Topical Converence

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