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Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is the highest honor bestowed by the Microanalysis Society. It is the sole recognition by the society that requires both a vote by Executive Council and endorsement by the regular membership.

A listing of Honorary Members is shown below, by year of election. An Honorary Member listed in italics indicates that the member is deceased.

Year       Honorary Member
2014       Dave Williams
2007       Eugene Jarosewich
2006       G. F. Bastin
2005       John W. Colby

      Klaus Keil
1999       Ryuichi Shimizu
        Oliver C. Wells
1998       Raymond Fitzgerald
        Joseph I. Goldstein
1993       Charles E. Fiori
1991       Georges Slodzian
1990       James Hillier

      Jean Philibert
1988       Arthur A. Chodos

      Stephen J. B. Reed
1986       Robert E. Ogilvie

      David B. Wittry
1985       Theodore Hall
1984       Kurt F. J. Heinrich
1977       V. E. Cosslett

      Gunji Shinoda
1975       L. S. Birks
1974       I. B. Borovskii

      Raimond Castaing

      Peter Duncumb

      L. L. Marton
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